Thursday, August 03, 2006

one-track mind

I spent ALL DAY today writing and editing. Lauren was kind enough to take a long morning nap, and I only had to work a half-day, so I was home by 1pm. I wrote almost an entire chapter today, I just need to add one more conversation. Unfortunately, I jumped ahead and wrote Chapter 17 in a separate file to be added when I get to that point. So it doesn't look like I made much progress.

Chapter 17 is at 2756 words. A chunk of that (approx. 750 words) was ripped from the earlier story I mentioned in yesterday's post. It required some really heavy-duty editing, but I'm thrilled that I got to use a couple of descriptions and lines. It was definitely worth salvaging.

I'm not going to add this chapter to my current word count right now. I'll add it when I get there chronologically.

current word count: 30,550

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