Sunday, August 20, 2006

negative progress

Yes, the current word count is correct. But the good news is three-fold:

1) The cuts were REALLY necessary and I'm much happier with the beginning of the story. There was way too much filler and description, and now we get to the action much faster.

2) I actually cut around 3500 words. So while there was a net loss, I did manage to get farther in the story. I wrote around 700 words tonight after the glut of editing. I'm well on my way in the next chapter, and I'm hoping that tomorrow will be a very productive day.

3) I got some REALLY nice comments in the critiques I got back today. Along with the incredibly helpful constructive criticism that led to the gutting of the first two chapters, there were some fantastically complimentary comments. That definitely gave me something to hang on to when I was scrapping large swaths of writing.

current word count: 41,701

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pjd said...


Hi, I saw your comment on Face-Lift 180 today over at EE and wanted to see if I could pick your brain on the novel I'm trying to find an agent for right now. Your comment implied that you know a lot about the Gay & Lesbian genre... my novel has a character that goes through a period of self-discovery to come to the realization that she is gay. (There is also a historical subplot.)

My problem is that I know nothing about G&L as a genre; I would consider my novel mainstream/literary/women's fiction except for the gay character. Do you have suggestions on any resources or reading for me that would be either G&L genre tending towards mainstream or vice versa? Or agents that rep this type of book?

If you're interested, a (sort of mediocre, older) version of my query is available off my blog (; click on "Jumping The Stream" on the right side. (No, it's not appeared on EE yet. :)

I would appreciate any help you could offer, and I'd be happy to reciprocate with critique if you find you'd like additional critique.