Monday, July 31, 2006

Thanks, EE!

Evil Editor reviewed my query on his blog today. Any of you who are unfamiliar with his site should spend some time digging through the archives. He dispenses great advice about the publishing world mixed with humor at the expense of those of us blindly feeling our way into said world.

I was really pleased that my query only required "some shortening and polishing". I struggled with it a lot and was not very happy with what I sent him, but didn't know how to make it any better.

His comments made me laugh and I got some invaluable help. Can't knock that.

for the record: you can tell this is an old version that I sent him because the main character's name is still Allison. It has since been changed to Amy. But then, y'all know that already. Right?

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pacatrue said...

Hi, Annie, I am just following your link over from EE. If you ever get your novel published, please let me know so I can go out and buy it. I hope you are well and that the revisions go great.