Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Introductions, pt. 1: The blogger

I am a would-be writer who spends most of my days brainstorming and most of my evenings pleading with my dog to behave long enough so that I can turn those ideas into a story. When I'm not writing (which is far more often than it should be) I'm usually found yelling at CNN, reading, or dressing my dog up in silly outfits. (He loves it, I swear!) My day job involves the care and keeping of the world's sweetest three-month-old baby girl.

This blog is meant to keep me honest about my writing -- to track how much progress I make each day and to keep me motivated. But I'm sure other aspects of my life will creep in, so don't be surprised to find a political diatribe or random musing mixed with the talk of writing.

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